Perhaps your current technology solution with the addition of new functionality is sufficient enough to meet your needs. Not quite sure where your company’s current technology solution stands? Allow IT-Direction consultants to help you with any of these questions by providing a Technology Assessment to determine how the use of current or future technologies can assist in accomplishing your latest business goals.
The Technology Assessment will lead your team through a process to clarify what your company has in place today, identify performance gaps, determine what you wish to accomplish and define goals for the project solution. The assessment can be performed based on existing software you wish to reuse, extend or replace, as well as for an entirely new application whereby no existing software has been put in place. Once an understanding of your business needs has been realized, IT-Direction consultants can provide an invaluable service by sharing their knowledge of technology and solutions which will allow your team to understand every possible alternative. Upon completion of the assessment, a detailed solution and estimate are communicated presenting the necessary steps to produce the defined solution. Give IT-Direction a call to setup your consultation!
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